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The rain
patters on our skin, leaving these soft scribbles
that fall in the scars molded by the acid
trails.  These unique scribbles
map out our lives.  Showing us why the acid
emanates from the rain
fall.  Diminishing slowly the acid
swirls and whirls.  Just like rain;
in the wind cataloging the storms in form of scribbles
but our skin creates the shelter to protect us from the acid that scribbles.
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Memories Hope Silence
He holds
her close to his
chest during a starry night when the
winds blow calmly disturbing their lost
Hope blossoms
from the yellow pollen of
a tree that is newly
planted in the lost Garden in
our forgotten realities.
Not even a soul
appears when a silent scream
shatters the stillness which is
diverging from the acid rain dripping
from our core.
:iconlivingwithdeath:LivingWithDeath 1 2
Vivid Willow Faith
Violently man mangles,
rips and tears
all that is real.
Only what is fake
is left for
the everlasting vitality,
of mother nature.
Lovely is the rain
as is slowly falls
onto your rough exterior
removing the toxins that
suffocate your heart and soul
leaving you the ability to
understand the reason of the rhyme.
Feathers fall slowly
from the angels above
who try to fight
through sheets of charred fantasy
wanting to reveal
how cruel society can be
when all that is left
gets lost in the sands.
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The beautiful bog extracts the
elongating shadows of our minds,
creating the bewilderment
that consumes the soul
changing us into goblins
who beseech youngsters to
show them how to have
In this bamboo forest
that surrounds us
creating this beat that
stabs at the heart,
making one wish they could
escape the goopy sounds
that resonate in their minds.
:iconlivingwithdeath:LivingWithDeath 1 2
Contrast Haiku
Souls use me
people abuse me
but this beauty
still emanates from
the bubbles that
creep up from my depths.
Time Haiku
Leaves fall slowly
to the dirt
where the forces pull
the particles into the
air that blows northerly
which shows how
time slips by drastically.
Flower Haiku
Flowers bloom hourly
with vibrant colors
contrasting the dew
that cascades off the petals
falling down to the ground
where it pools and reflects
how life revolves around an ant.
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Love the Lost
This burden weighs on the heart
for your lips will never reach mine,
they are farther away than when the leaves turn grey.
When you are covered
with this effervescent grass far from fun,
Your shiny locks will never cascade down
for they lay perfectly with you in your soft bed,
that has wilted roses placed softly on the clean cloth of white.
This contrasts the ashen color that once was your skin,
now paleness rests on your cheeks.
The aroma of your perfume no longer lingers
with the breath that escaped your lungs.
Which seeks my soul
but my love was lost weeks ago.
When your love became a chore
tis why my soul is full of gore
May my ill tempers never touch thee in heaven
Where you are now
and the love will not be as harsh
as when I threw your cold lifeless body in the marsh.
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Mature content
Dagger WIP :iconlivingwithdeath:LivingWithDeath 0 0
Mature content
Lanky :iconlivingwithdeath:LivingWithDeath 0 2
Suicide WIP
Feeling this great ecstasy you pick up a long slender object that feels heavy and alien in your hand.  Looking down at it you see a reflection of your face that shows no emotion and no thought yet, there are many thoughts running through your head but none of them make sense; here and there they bounce, never stopping for more than a second.  This does not cause you to cease; turning, you walk out of the kitchen towards the bedroom at the end of the hall.  Every step taken brings you closer to the end; not wanting to ponder this, your steps quicken and the bedroom door appears before you with the door ajar.  Taking a few steps in your gaze falls upon the unmade bed where the covers are scattered showing a rough nights sleep and you know they are still warm.  Then your gaze moves to the clock next to the bed; 3 am the red numbers flash just like the thought in your head.  You had forgotten about the thoughts until now when they
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One Line
The soul of time is forever lost in the faded memories of friendship that are bound by the dreams of all.
:iconlivingwithdeath:LivingWithDeath 1 2
12 Sentences WIP
A man is standing on a street corner in the darkest part of the night.  He is illuminated only by the lamp post beside him.  He has been standing there since dawn; waiting for someone to come.  People just pass him, not giving a second thought about it.  At the moment of his desperation an older man walks up to him and leans in close, whispering something in his ear and yet, the man turns to walk away not heeding his advice.  The older man grabs his arm pulling him back and he leans in again but this time the younger man lets out a muffled scream.  The older one just disappears in the dark, leaving him there in a state of shock.  At first there was no sound but then a gurgling noise emanated from his throat.  It gets louder and louder but no one comes to see.  The younger man turns descending to the dirt covered sidewalk and his blood spills out of his mouth as his breath escapes his lungs. &
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This pain radiates from the hole you left in my chest,
It’s big enough to place a cup on the inside.
Twisting, turning, rolling, tumbling,
This is what I used to do for you.
Before you ripped out my soul, before,
You tore into me and left nothing but a lifeless shell.
Now all anybody can do is pick at my wounds,
Just like you always would do in my time of need.
You neglect me, punish me and it’s all just for fun isn’t it,
Well it’s not fun anymore; I don’t want to be hurt.
Yet at first I went along with it,
Laughing through the pain to appease you.
At least I was half a live then,
I could feel love, peace, hope and despair.
Now all I can do is drown in my blood,
That seeps from that hole.
That you created when I told you no.
:iconlivingwithdeath:LivingWithDeath 1 0
Dear :
When we met I felt a small pang for you yet
I take my time to let
Love grow between us because where
Life takes us nobody knows but
Your hugs give me butterflies setting
Our spirits free to do as we please, lets not
Urge anything that cannot be
Great is the time we spend together
Opening up to each other letting
Our feelings and emotions hang on a wire
Unlike many pairs we have the choice to be who we want
To be in this chaotic world that shapes
What we hold dear to our hearts
I want to go to the edge for you reaching down into the chiasm
That we call life to show you
Hope is what drives us on
My beloved, never will I hurt you
Even if it does not last I want you to know I still have your back
Yours truly,
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Untitled W.I.P.
The valley was covered with a layer of thick dark clouds full of rain.  Yet, the rain was not ordinary, it gives life to "things" dead and takes life from the living.  There always is one problem for the rain can kill us but not revive our dead.  Thus, causing us to hide when the sky turns dark.  I digress.  The wind was blowing, not a breeze but not strong either.  This type of wind only comes when the sky grows dark.  Looking out from my hut I could see plants come to life and die.  Its very beautiful, always a burst of color and then it disappears but then some where else more vibrant colors pop up and die.
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Glasses :iconlivingwithdeath:LivingWithDeath 0 0 Little Sister II :iconlivingwithdeath:LivingWithDeath 0 0
This gallery is full of art that represents the many phases I have gone through. Furthermore, I would like to say that my style is dark and will always be dark. I may write something that is not dark but I perfer dark; just a warning to those who do not like that type of writing. I hope you have fun reading my works.


Mature content
Cold Shower :iconcheekypink:cheekypink 15 13
night blooming cereus :iconachello:Achello 19 28 Fiery Bonsai :iconbillsabub:billsabub 477 225
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Scattered to the sun :iconrealmknight:RealmKnight 12 15 Vulcan skies :iconrealmknight:RealmKnight 12 20




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United States
Current Residence: Everett, WA, USA
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite style of art: Prose
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Personal Quote: All we can own are our memories and those fade away with time.
Well I have decided that this community is not for me anymore.  I will no longer post works here but I will keep the account because I like to look at the art.  I feel like staying here is holding me back; I worry about whether or not my art is going to offend someone or if someone is going to post if as offensive and get me banned or something like many other artists on here have experienced.  I am moving to (site is still under construction.) I also will copy all of my works over there, I will keep them here as well for the first date posted copyright thing and as back-up.


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I'm sorry to hear its been hard.  I moved and then I got married which has been awesome.  I don't post here anymore, I mostly just check it every couple of days or so.
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